Paintings and Messages brought to us by
The Famous 8

Spring 2014 Update

First of all, thank  you!  Many of you have been asking when I will be offering workshops or at upcoming expos.  Your interest and support for the Spirits and their work is sincerely appreciated.

Well the exciting news is that the time has come to really focus on writing the book.  I've been "nudged" for some time about the need to share more about Spirit Guides and how they work with us.  They have been wanting to write this book, and now they are saying, "It's time, let's do it."   

There is also a blog site under development, to encourage and grow that special relationship with our guides.  And, to just share great stories of how everyday our guides support us on our journey and enrich our lives.  So much more than we even realize.  Information on the blog site will be posted soon.   

So for the time being, my efforts will be focused on this collaboration to capture and share what the guides want us to know.  I will still be taking appointments for energy healing and medium sessions, but on a more limited basis, so please email or call to make an appointment.  Many  of you come via referrals and you will have first priority in scheduling a session, so please let me know who referred you to me. 

With much appreciation,


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     When I asked the Spirits why they want to create these paintings they said, "It's time.  It's time for people to start seeing us and to know we are real."

I am a Medium or channel through which spirits paint and give messages for us.  In addition to the paintings, I take appointments for Medium Readings and Energy Healing.  See the "Marian's Services" page for additional information.       

Thank you for your interest in the paintings and messages brought to us by The Famous 8.  I have always been very intuitive and somehow just "knew things", but I didn't realize I was a Medium until I began to study with 
James Van Praagh, world renowned Medium, best selling author and executive producer of the hit television show Ghost Whisperer.  Working with James helped me to reconnect with this group of highly evolved spirits, The Famous 8.


Marian Bayer
Medium and Energy Healing Practitioner

Who are The Famous 8?

The Famous 8 are a diverse group of Spirits who have worked together for many, many years.
Each one is very accomplished and brings unique skills / qualities to the group.

Members of The Famous 8 include An Angel, The Professor, The Philosopher, The Comedian, Mother Spirit, The Doctor, The Artist and The Protector. They consider Marian a member of the group and they think of her as The Humanitarian.

"Who are The Famous 8?" page - to know more about this amazing group of spirits.  Get to know their personalities, their fields of expertise, and their loving kindness for us. 

Their Messages for Us page - giving us guidance, support and love

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